Tournament as evidence that e-sports increases engagement - Thanks Maribor!

December 21, 2021

The team from SPTŠ Murska Sobota created and ran an energetic and engaging tournament in Maribor, Slovenia on the 7th and 8th of October. Teams from Slovenia, Latvia, Czechia, Italy, and Portugal met in Maribor and had two intense days of battle and friendship.

But, the underlying reasons for the tournament was to learn more about tournament organization, what effects e-sports has on school engagement, and learn about how to promote e-sports to schools.

Goals were met

Our common team spent the two days watching and learning. At the end of the tournament, we asked participants to evaluate the tournament, aspects of the project, and how they could talk to their school about bringing gaming to more students.

But, first the tournament

Of course, we live in interesting times. Because of local rules, all of us travelled and worked in the green regime and moved in a semi-bubble. We all stayed at the same place, the tournament was not held at the school, and we all needed the appropriate certification. Hats off to the Slovenian team for putting it all together.

The PTŠ Murska Sobota team of students, teachers, and administrators first did the logistics for the tournament - they found the site, found a good hotel, made local transport arrangements. The super teacher trio guided students (possibly sometimes students guided them) in creating all of the channels for publicity, streaming, and pre-tournament communications. All of the evidence is in the pictures.

The teams fought hard in a well organized tournament that resulted in the Latvian team being crowned champs - this time!

Takeaways for us and participants

The survey that we did at the end of the two days held some nuggets that we will contemplate and consider how to use. The primary one was that e-sports are a great way to engage students with school and that more students want to see this in their schools. For more info on the survey and findings, follow us on Facebook.

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Group gets ready for awards

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