Students advise teachers and others about gaming in school

June 29, 2022

Our project has established that students feel that gaming helped them improve on a range of soft skills that help them feel accomplished. In the second part of our survey, we were interested in learning whether those gains would translate into a desire to continue gaming in school and what they would advise others.

Would you be interested to play video games regularly/in an organised way in school?

The fourth question of the feedback questionnaire went to the very core of our project as we wanted to find out what our project tournament gamers think about playing team video games/MOBAs in school(s). Of 34 responses, we got 32 definite “yes’s” and only two reticent “no’s”. One Czech player was anxious that he might be made to play video games and its compulsory nature would take any fun out of the activity: “Not really, I think the main purpose of video games is fun. I would not like it if I was forced to do it.” One Portuguese player would want gaming in schools only in its competitive form. All this almost universal consensus suggests that students perceive e-sports as a possible real fun, exciting, and engaging addition of school life.

One Slovenian participant says that “I would love to take a break from studying regularly”, and another notes that he would love to do that. A Czech player explains his positive answer by, “Yes, of course, I think a few hours weekly would help learning in school because they could relax and get new energy” and another says: “Of course, a lot of people would be interested in in it. Yes!”

It was nice to hear one Portuguese player reiterate exactly what has been the mantra of the project in general: “Absolutely. Like everything in life when done in a good way and not exaggerated in terms of time it can be a good thing”. Or – this is just a common sense where young people, even before taking part in the project tournaments, knew that gaming is/can be an integral part of their lives and personalities.

One Latvian gamer expected that playing video games in school would activate the gamer community that he already is a part of also in school which would be a pleasant experience: “Of course, it’s always better to spend time with people you are close to.”

The following question was asked to find out what the value of gaming and e-sports in the perception of the players is, and how would they “sell” the idea to their schools.

If yes, what would you say to your teachers and other students to start doing it?

Here the answers fell into two big categories – reasons why gaming would be good in schools, and what gamers themselves are ready to do to make e-sports in schools a reality.

Many respondents said that gaming in school would be fun. Several Slovenian and an Italian participant said that playing video games in school would reduce stress, anger (1 response) and “would help to relax my mind”. Around ten respondents mentioned that playing video games would help with development of various skills and abilities. Several respondents mentioned that it would be great for developing social skills and meeting new people.

In all these nice suggestions we see that the players are very aware that gaming develops their cognitive abilities and social skills. Another trend in responses is that schools are “old school” in general and opening up for gaming would be like entering the next level, in reality connecting to the digital era.

The concrete suggestions to help schools organize gaming events include sharing some of the current project experience, teaching how to organize tournaments and setting up their own teams.

For everybody to enjoy the insights of the gamers on these issues and to demonstrate the spectrum of ideas and tangents of thinking we leave the answers to the “selling question” for you here to enjoy them fully.


1.That they will enjoy it and that they will meet other great people.

  1. I would present them my ideas for the tournaments and events.
  2. It’s very enjoyable!
  3. I would show them what is important with video games.
  4. I would say that video games are fun and good 4 u.
  5. Playing videos games! 😊
  6. Video games are fun and reduce stress.
  7. Video games are fun and reduce stress.
  8. That it is good for brain development, and we should do it.
  9. That playing games can be instructive.
  10. It would make school somewhat less stressful.


12.They should be more focused on games and let us do what we would like.

  1. I would say that it helps everybody to learn some skills.
  2. Make a list of team games and present them to students, they can choose if they want to have some hours of gaming in school.
  3. I would show them photos and videos of us having fun and learning from it in the fun way.


I would tell them to look more at the pro’s and not the cons of gaming and give it a try.

It is an excellent way of getting to know people, to develop some traits/skills, to get the youth interest and it would be a more project during the school year.

I already talked about it with my teachers and peers about that one day esports will be where football and other sports are at the moment. To interact

That schools have to adapt to current digital era, that children and youngsters are playing more, and it is a way to interact with new people and develop social skills.

Start a project and lend (probably meant – borrow, \*editor’s remark\*) some pcs from school.


I would say that playing video games will help to reduce stress and anger.

I would say that playing video games will help relax the mind.

Playing video games increase skills and create good relationship as a team.

I’d say to the teachers that video games are an important instrument to learn, socialize and develop our ability.

This game can help in learning.


To be creative.

If they like it, then try it!

We should throw old thinking away and do as students want.

I would try to find students like me to form my own team and find others to play against.

That I have a great idea!

It could be fun.

I could maybe organize something so we could play videogames at school.

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